What’s on?

Three artists make four explorations in the Wadden Sea National Park in the south of Denmark.  We will explore the meeting between the human body and the nature of the area, and how our different expressions will be affected.

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You can listen to a little bit here:

Spring 2017

Composing for the poems by Inger Christensen’s Alfabet. Inspired by the fibonacci numbers I’m making a work which will try to show both the lushness and destructiveness of this world. The instrumentation will be: Soprano, girls choir, cello, bass clarinet and electronics. This is an early version of the music set to the poem of the letter “h” called “hviskningerne”

Dronning Dagmar

During autumn 2016 my work “Dronning Dagmar” which won the “Donne in Musica-competion” this year will be performed the following places in Italy: Acuto, Serrone, Trivigliano, Trevi nel Lazio, Fiuggi, Paliano, Roma, Naples. More information about time and exact places will follow.

It will also be performed in Metronomen, Frederiksberg November 26, 2016

For earlier performances see biography.