Nature is a very important  for Ellen Birgitte Rasmussen in her music.

She grew up in the country side between forests, fields and gardens and close to the fascinating Wadden Sea, where the eternal wave of the tide gives life to an an incredible varition of species

Lydgartner means sound gardiner. Ellen Birgitte compares her work with gardening

She combines recordings from nature with composed material like in this piece for birds and string quartet

Nature inspires also  the sound in compositions like in this excerpt of a wind quintet, where you can hear the clams, the sunrise, the crabs and the wind

Melodies are build on the fibonnaci-system that is present in many of natures fenomena like for instance the growth of branches. Here it is used for melodies imitating waves in the Wadden Sea


Most of Ellen Birgitte’s music has been made for performances, other works are made for films and now and then there have also been concerts including her music. She regards herself more a composer than a musician. She has made a journey the last years from composing electro-acoustic music to concentrate more on contemporary partitura music.

For the things she is doing right now, look and listen at What’s on

Contemporary partitura music

In the classical area she works with different scales, melodies and rhythms built over the Fibonacci-numbers combined with another technics using only forth, fifths and seconds to make melodies and voices. Together with these technics she also now and then uses world music or music from european folklore.

Classical electro-acoustic music

Some of her music is a electro-acoustic crossover between sounds from sequenzer- (e.g. Ableton Live) and MAX MSP-programmes on her computer and acoustic music instruments and/or singers in a more classical inspired musical language.

She has for a long time been working on a large work based on Inger Christensen’s poetry collection called “alfabet” It is for Soprano and electronics.



Flamenco and electronics

Flamenco inspired dancing and singing has often been a part of her works when they are performed live, like her flamencotronic opera ”The Moon and the Maschine” (Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen 2003) It is a kind of opera-ballet based on poems by Federico García Lorca  treating and opposing nature and industrialism. This is mirrored in the music by using samples from nature and the industrial world. Here she collaborated with some of the best flamenco musicians and dancers. It was a big joy for her to work with the complicated flamencorythms using sounds like rain drops, wind, machinery, pistons, coins etc. and making acompaniement for and contrasting the strong expressiveness of flamenco dance and song, since flamenco also is a big part of her life –  and she had dreamed for a long time of giving this art a more contemporary sound and expression.  See a video-excerpt from the performance here.

”Menneske og Maskine I” celebrating danish female electro acuostic composer Else Marie Pade in the concert Electricer in Copenhagen in 2005. The work had a slight hind to Pade’s experiences during World War Two, a form of fight between joy and oppression In this Ellen Birgitte experimented with making the computer react directly on the flamenco foot work and making canon-experiences with the dancing sounds. Hear the work here.

I’ve also worked several times with flamenco dancer and experimental performer Nana Francisca Scottländer for instance in the performance “La Mer” in 2011. The music for the performance is called “Heart”, listen to an excerpt from it here.


During the recent years, 2013-now the performance group/orchestra Electric Alhambra have played quite a lot of my works, Check the video underneath out (my music begins at 1:00)

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Other Works

Electronic Arrangements of songs by Hildegard of Bingen, all sounds come from the voice of soprano Malene Nordtorp:


Several Gothic Pop tunes like this one called “Enchanted”


For church concert 2002 in Steffanskirken, “Seguiriya Organa” for flamenco singer, church organ and cajon.


Apart from this I have composed film music for documentaries, drama documentaries and other more commercial purposes. One of the films won international acknowledgement by winning a gold Globe at World Media Festival in Hamburg, 2011. My filmmusic and other types of gebrauchsmusik can be explored at


Other details:
MA  in music and spanish from University of Copenhagen, 1995.
Born in Ribe, Denmark 6th of June 1965.

Contact:  tlf. +45 23390712